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With a diverse fleet of 38 aircraft, we are easily able to meet any client requirement.

Bell 206B "Jet Ranger"

206 Swan Lake 2004 Jim and Pilot.jpg

The World’s most popular and reliable commercial helicopter. The Bell 206 B is the industry standard for adaptability and versatility in light 4 passenger helicopters. Available in 2 variants, the c20r engine providing increased payload & performance at higher density altitudes. Very cost effective 4 passenger helicopter.

Bell 206L "Long Ranger"


The 6 passenger stretch version of the popular Jet Ranger. This smooth and efficient intermediate helicopter features low fuel consumption while moving 6 passengers or 1,250 lbs external load. Available in 2 variants, the LR & the L3 with increased performance and payload.

Airbus AS350 "Astar"

B2 Best.jpg

This family of intermediate lift helicopters provides the fastest and quietest ride for the highest level of passenger comfort in its class. The Astar is a 5 passenger helicopter with an external load capacity ranging from the 350B2 of 2,250 lbs. to the 350B3 of 2,750 lbs. The Astar is one of few helicopters that maintains its performance from sea level up to 9,000 feet. It provides exceptional visibility from all passenger seats both front and rear. Available in 4 variants, the B2, the SD2 with increased performance at altitude and 10% less fuel consumption than the B2, the B3 for higher density altitudes and increased sling load capacity and the B3 dual hydraulic version offering an increase in internal capacity as well.

BK117 D2


A category A high performance twin that compares favourably with the benchmark Bell 212. The BK 117 850 D2 can carry up to ten passengers in safety and comfort at a 35% faster speed while burning almost 25% less fuel. With large bear paws, a footprint as small as an Astar & high tail rotor.

Bell 205 A1++

Bell 205.jpeg

The 205A1 (Plus Plus) has an advantage over the 205A1 in hot and high performance, otherwise has the same internal and external load limits. With seating for up to 14 passengers and sling loads up to 3850 lbs.

Bell 212s "Eagle Single"

bell 212s.png

This 9 passenger Supplemental Type Certificate approval process, converts the Bell 212 helicopter from a twin engine to a single engine. While maintaining the 212 airframe structure, the weight and cost of operation reduced, increased payload capacity, and easier maintainability.

Bell 212HP

bell 212hp.png

A reliable twin engine medium lift helicopter that offers maximum safety low level and over water. Can provide transportation for up to 14 passengers or 3450 lbs external load. The 212 HP offers better performance in hot weather and higher altitudes.

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